IDD Therapy

IDD therapy is the successful and trusted non-surgical spinal decompression treatment for back pain, neck pain and related conditions such as sciatica. It treats cervical and lumbar chronic disc prolapse. There is no surgery, no injection, no medicine and nil side effects. This can avoid surgeries for majority of patients.

IDD therapy is administered through the Accu-SPINA a state-of-the-art spinal decompression system that is US-FDA approved for providing decompression of the lower back (lumbar spine) and disc neck (cervical spine). The Accu-SPINA isolates the specific problem disc by unique angle of distraction (or pull). It creates a negative pressure within the disc space, which draws fluid, nutrients and oxygen in to the disc helping it to heal. The unique method by which it distracts the spinal segment eliminates the reaction of the neighbouring muscles so that they do not go into spasm.

We have treated more than 600 patients.